Patient Info

Resources & information for new & existing patients

For New Patients

First Visit

Dr. Okubo offers Free and personalized consultations with a complete diagnosis for each prospective patients prior to treatment and discuss all concerns you as a patient or parent may have about your personalized orthodontic treatment.

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Okubo Orthodontics accepts most insurances plans and our friendly staff will file your claims for you fast and efficiently. We've been working with local and major dental insurance companies to ensure that we are on your plans’ Preferred Provider List so you get the best care possible while staying within your dental network.

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You may be asking yourself: How much do braces cost? Or can I afford braces? Well, we are here to tell you, YES, you can. With braces from Okubo Orthodontics, you will get the best orthodontic care from a Board Certified Orthodontist, Dr. Okubo, all at a price that fits into your budget.

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For Existing Patients


We understand that between all your day-to-day activities you only have a few minutes for yourself. We want it to be as easy as possible to make your monthly braces payments. Pay your monthly installment from your computer or smartphone.

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Patient Rewards

We love rewarding our patients for maintaining their healthy smiles! The next time you arrive at our office on time or don’t have any loose or broken brackets you can earn “Patient Reward Points”. Your “Patient Rewards Points” can be redeemed for many different goodies, including gift cards, theme park visits and more!

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Emergency Info

Rarely is there a true orthodontic “emergency” but if there is we are here to help. Most problems patients encounter are simple irritation from the brackets or soar teeth. Applying a small piece of wax over the bracket typically solves this problem.

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General Resources for Orthodontic Patients

Braces Friendly Food

Learn more about what foods are safe to eat while wearing braces, and which should be avoided!

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Common Problems

Learn more about what some of the more commonly occurring issues are for those with braces.

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Dental / Oral Hygiene

Learn about what types of habits will help you maintain a healthy mouth while you've got braces.

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Orthodontic Videos

Learn more about living with braces, orthodontic procedures, and what the benefits are.

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