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Why early detection is important

Early detection of orthodontic issues can provide an opportunity to place functional “growth appliances” which guide and optimize arch development.  This will result in adult teeth that occlude in a stable bite relationship.

When to start Kids Braces

Early growth years are the best time to correct arch discrepancies. Functional appliances are unnoticeable, save treatment time and expense if braces are required when the adult teeth erupt.

Early Orthodontic Considerations:

  • Relationship between upper and lower arches: both size and occlusion position (over or under bite, open or deep bite);
  • Eruption sequence of teeth and size of teeth in relationship to arch size, genetically missing or extra teeth;
  • Teeth which are blocked out of the arch and may need intervention to erupt normally;
  • Thumb, finger or swallowing/breathing habits which may impede normal growth patterns;
  • This is a great time for patient education on important stages to follow; Phase II Treatment.

When it comes to the health of your teeth, choosing an orthodontist with the experience to create a smile that will last a lifetime is of the most importance.

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