Check out our list of foods you need to be careful eating during treatment.

Sugary Foods

Sugary foods can act as a food for caries (cavities). Bacteria can cause enamel to decalcify leaving unsightly and possibly permanent white and brown spots on your teeth once the brackets are removed.

Hard Foods

Hard foods can cause brackets to break or loosen. To prevent this from happening you should avoid eating or modify the way you eat hard foods while you are in treatment. It’s important to regularly check for bent or loose wires and brackets.

Sticky Foods

Eating sticky foods while you are in orthodontic treatment should be limited to avoid trapping these foods in and around the brackets. Use a Proxy brush after eating sticky foods for extra cleaning.

Sugary Foods to Avoid

Some sugary foods that should be avoided include cake, ice cream, cookies, soda and candy as well as most “sweet” foods. If you do enjoy a sweet treat it is best to brush afterwords.

Hard Candy/Foods to Avoid

Avoid hard foods such as ice, nuts, corn on the cob, apples, uncooked carrots (unless cut into small pieces) beef jerky and popcorn kernels.

Sticky Foods to Avoid

Some sticky foods that should be avoided include gum, licorice, tootsie rolls, toffee, caramels, taffy, starburst and gummy bears or worms.

For fun foods to try while in braces check out the "Braces Friendly" Cook Book

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