Patient Rewards Program

Earn rewards while perfecting your smile!

We love rewarding our patients for maintaining
their healthy smiles!

The next time you arrive at our office on time or don’t have any loose or broken brackets you can earn “Patient Reward Points”.

Your “Patient Rewards Points” can be redeemed for many different goodies including:

Braces Rewards Program

Cinemark Gift Card

$10.00 to spend at Cinemark locations!

Orthodontics rewards program

Google Play Gift Card

$10.00 to spend on Google Play!

Orthodontic Rewards program

iTunes Gift Card

$10.00 to spend on iTunes!

Orthodontic Rewards

Best Buy Gift Card

$10.00 to spend at Best Buy locations!


Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Bay Day Pass!


Apple Shuffle

Tiny Apple mp3 player!

...and more!!!

How to earn orthodontic Rewards points

In-office Points

Arrive on time
No broken appliances or brackets.
Score a 4 on good oral Hygiene.

2 Points
2 Points
2 Points

Dental Visits

No Cavity Club.
6 Months cleaning.

5 Points
5 Points

Bonus Points

Like us on Facebook.
Check in on Facebook.
Update Health History online.
Review on Google, FB and yelp).
Refer a friend or family member.

5 Points
5 Points
5 Points
10 Points
15 Points
50 Points

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