Teen Braces / Phase 2 Orthodontics


What is Phase 2 Orthodontic Treatment?

Phase II treatment (Braces for teens or adults), if required, begins when all the permanent teeth are present. Braces for kids are very different by necessity.

The purpose of Phase II Treatment is to position all the permanent teeth to maximize their function and appearance. This is done by bonding brackets (braces) to the teeth and then making small bends in NiTi wire making the required adjustments necessary to properly align your teeth.

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When should my teen get braces?

Teen braces, or Phase II treatment, if required, begin when all the permanent teeth are present. If you're not sure, set up a free, no-pressure consultation.

How long are teen braces needed?

Teen braces treatment time usually takes between 15-18 months or 12-18 months if phase 1 treatment was performed.

De-Bonding braces

Phase II is the final phase in your orthodontic treatment. Once you and Dr. Okubo are happy with your results, Dr. Okubo will remove or “de-bond” your brackets and polish your teeth.

Types of Teen Braces

Indirect Bonding Braces

Indirect bonding is the most frequently used orthodontic option, as the results are reliable, and the process is usually relatively cost-effective.

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Clarity Ceramic Braces

Clarity Advanced Ceramic Brackets are translucent ceramic, low profile brackets that and blend with your teeth. They are very subtle and discreet.

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Harmony Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are truly hidden, in that they are positioned behind your teeth, straightening your smile and correcting your bite while virtually invisible!

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Clear Teeth Aligners

Clear Removable Aligners system uses a series of clear aligners that fit over the teeth and gradually straighten them. No braces or wires are used.

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