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We have numerous different orthodontic offerings available.  Let us help you choose the option that will work best for you!

Regardless of age, we can help you choose the braces or orthodontic treatment for straight teeth and a healthy smile.

We'll help you achieve a straight, healthy and white smile, with a range of professional teeth whitening products from Opalescence.

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Our Orthodontic Treatments

Clear Removable Aligners

Smooth, comfortable, and nearly invisible, clear aligners are one of the most discreet ways to a perfect smile.

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Indirect Bonding Braces

Indirect bonding allows extreme control over tooth positioning, and produces quick results.

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Clarity Ceramic Braces

Low profile and translucent, these ceramic braces are discreet and have an impact quickly and accurately.

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Harmony Lingual Braces

These are truly invisible braces, straightening your teeth while concealed behind them.

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It's important to remember that not all braces work for all patients. Dr. Okubo will take your preference into account and guide you to the choice that will have the best impact for you.

Professional and in-home teeth whitening options

Teeth alignment has many practical benefits, but a large part of why many people undergo orthodontic work is for the aesthetic benefit of a healthy smile. Having teeth that are clean and white is equally important. We use and recommend a range of top quality teeth whitening products from Opalescence.

Opalescence in-office Dental Tooth Whitening

Braces for Any Stage of Life

Early detection of orthodontic problems can provide an opportunity to place functional “growth appliances” which guide and optimize arch development.  This will result in adult teeth that fit together in a stable bite relationship.

There's a reason so many people get their teeth straightened in their childhood or teenage years. During these years of rapid growth, it is much simpler to guide arch development and help to shape a healthy bite and perfect smile.

An attractive smile and healthy occlusion are attainable at any age.  Our oldest patient to date is 86 years old. Your decision to optimize improve your smile and dental health with orthodontics will give you a lifetime of benefits.