Completed Phase 1 treatment and ready to start Phase 2 orthodontics?

Dr. Okubo has the skills to complete your smile transformation.

What is Phase II treatment?

The purpose of Phase II Treatment is to position all the permanent teeth to maximize their function and appearance. This is done by bonding brackets (braces) to the teeth and then making small bends in NiTi wire making the required adjustments necessary to properly align your teeth.

Starting Phase II treatment.

Phase II treatment, if required, begins when all the permanent teeth are present. Phase II  treatment time usually takes between 15-18 months or 12-18 months if phase I treatment was performed.

De-Bonding braces

Phase II is the final phase in your orthodontic treatment. Once you and Dr. Okubo are happy with the results of your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Okubo will remove or “de-bond” your brackets and polish your teeth.

When it comes to the health of your teeth, choosing an orthodontist with the experience to create a smile that will last a lifetime is of the most importance.

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